Friday, May 27, 2011

Wedding Tip: Importance of Insurance

With all the devastating news of tornado's and natural disasters in my home state, I started to think about things from a wedding stand point. For instance, what if your wedding came on a day that a tornado rips through the area, or flash flooding suddenly took over your ceremony location? What if your bridal salon where you dress is being held goes up in flames, or a tornado took out the entire store?

This post is not to worry you as a bride, but it's to prepare you. The one thing as wedding coordinators we can no control is the weather. Sure we always have back up plans, but if something should happen, like Joplin, Missouri, what is a bride to do?

I am sure you have heard or seen the brochures about wedding insurance. I am also sure you thought to yourself "just another expense for the wedding." Some venues require you to purchase insurance, but most do now. And if you are a bride who has not considered wedding insurance, I am here to tell you ... DO IT!

You can not foresee the future, and it just takes that one little thing to go wrong, and to prevent you from having the wedding of your dreams. I use WedSafe most of the time. It's a great resource for brides and planners. WedSafe covers about everything from unpredictable illness, weather, no show vendors, damage to gifts and to the bride's dress. They also have a liability insurance you can purchase, which I love for my clients to purchase if they are hosting an event at their home.

You can visit WedSafe here, and get quotes right on their website. You will be surprised how inexpensive it really is, especially for all the coverage you get in return. Do yourself a favor, and purchase wedding insurance, you just never know!

Happy Planning!
Natalie Imhoff
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