Monday, October 4, 2010

TBS Wedding: Erin & Cameron

Oh what a fun and memorable wedding it was! I have been blessed to have met Erin in the Deans Office over in CAFNR, and it was such a delight to meet up with her again for her wedding!

Currently, Erin and Cameron are living in OR, which made the planning process a little different than a couple who lives closer.

What made this wedding SO unique was the fact that Erin's family still lives in Columbia, and Erin thought it would be the perfect place to get married! She had the perfect vision of having the ceremony overlooking their lake, and their reception just a few feet away under a large white tent. And guess what? It happened!

Right before the ceremony was to begin, the rain clouds moved in and the wind picked up, but thank the Lord, it held until after the the I Do's! The reception was stunning in burnt oranges and plum purples, you couldn't help but love it! Although it rained .... A LOT .... everyone had a great time, and the company couldn't have been better!

Let me just say something about the husband and wife team that make up Avia Photography ... We love them! They are so fun have some great "out-of-the-box" ideas, like taking the bridal party to an old abandoned gas station! The pictures don't lie folks ... they are great at what they do! And they were brave enough to take on the weather like us! Thanks Avia!

All Photos by Avia Photography

Vendors Included:
Avia Photography
Just Fabulous Flowers
All About Cakes
US Rents It
Outdoor Occasions
"I Do" Wedding Ceremonies: Bryce Adkins
The Bridal Solution, llc.

Happy Planning!
Natalie Imhoff
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