Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TBS Inspiration: Custom Wedding Scents

A new trend making its way into the reception buzz is custom scents. According to The Knot, specific fragrances will create an atmosphere and mood for your reception and guests. There are specific vendors out there that use fragrance technology to create and distribute your scent. What better way to set the mood and to get the party started? Your custom scent can also be used as the perfect wedding favor for guests.

Now, close your eyes and imagine your wedding filled with these aromas:

1. Lavender – As a natural mood booster, this scent will get guests moving around to mingle.

2. Gardenia – A welcoming scent that will provide an even more romantic setting to your reception.

3. Jasmine – An intoxicating scent that will create a mood of relaxation and peace among guests.

4. Wedding Cake – We all know this is our favorite part of every reception, why not fill the room with the scent of frosting!

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