Monday, September 10, 2012

We are EXCITED to Announce ...

The Bridal Solution was named, 

 Thank you to everyone who took time to vote for us, who believed in us and who thought we deserved this great honor.  The Win was just icing on the cake.  During the voting process, many of you [past & present clients, vendors and close friends] commented on our success and achievements.  Nothing feels better than having your colleagues and peers endorse a business you have worked so hard to perfect.  I am truly humbled! 

In other news ...

The Bridal Solution, was also named,

It's true!  Our blog has been recognized by wedding industry experts as the Winner in this category.  We are thrilled to have this honor as well.  Our blog is something near and dear to my heart.  Everyday we try to bring fresh design inspiration to the modern-day bride.  We provide tips to our clients on planning the perfect wedding, event or social party and for that, everyday our website has reached brides all over the world!  If you don't currently follow our website, you can do so at

Again thank you all! 

In case you're interested, here are the results!

Winner: Best Wedding Planner - Columbia
Winner: Best Wedding Planner - Missouri
Finalist: Top 100 Best Wedding Planner - United States - Ranking: 31 of 100
Finalist: Top 100 Best Wedding Planner - Worldwide - Ranking: 38 of 100

Winner: Best Wedding Website - Columbia
Winner: Best Wedding Website - Missouri
Finalist: Top 100 Best Wedding Website - United States - Ranking: 10 of 100
Finalist: Top 100 Best Wedding Website - Worldwide - Ranking: 24 of 100

Happy Planning!
Natalie Imhoff
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Brie said...

Good for you Natalie! You deserve it!!! Congratulations!

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