Friday, February 1, 2013

The Bridal Solution's Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Super Bowl Party

 Hosting a Superbowl Party this year? Create a one-of-a-kind event that will WIN over your guests!

The Bridal Solution's Top 5 Super Bowl Party Tips:

1.  Set the Scene
That's right, get cheesy with it!  The Super Bowl is supposed to be fun and festive, so don't forget about the little details.  Create the atmosphere at home, with a few simple ideas.  Cut astro turf for coasters or create turf coozies for drinks.  Set your table up like a football field by adding yard lines.  My favorite is our famous "buckets of beer" option.  Get a galvanized bucket and fill with beer and Ice, just like you would get at the game itself.  Wrap your coffee table in contact paper, leave chalk and allow your guests to drawl up what they think the winning play will be!  Pass out yellow flags when your guests arrive to get them involved in the calls, and most of all have fun!

2.  Don't Forget the Kids
Get the kids involved.  Have special drinks and food set aside for them and a small tattoo station with team logos, so they can show their support too!  They may not be too interested in the game, but drawl their attention to the arts and crafts!  Last year we put on the Little Giants movie, and we could hear them cheering from the next room. 

3. It's all About the Food
Some people go to Super Bowl parties just for the food alone.  Have plenty of options for your guests.  Everything from wings in different flavors, to hot and cold dips, finger foods and mini comfort food options.  Mini sliders, mini dogs and mini fries always seem to be a hit.  And for the kids - build your own nachos! 
It's all about presentation!

Have a dessert bar with easy to eat sweets. Mini cupcakes, cake pops made to look like footballs with your team logo, and fruit with cream.

4.  Commercials and Games
More interested in the Super Bowl Commercials?  Create a game around them.  Which ones do everyone think will create the most buzz?  Keep tally, re-enact or just sit back and relax.  On things for sure, there will be some guests who are more excited about the game, and those who are more excited about the commercials.

5.  Good Friends + Good Food =
If you have good friends, and you have plenty of food and drink, you're going to have one heck of a good game!  Grab your loved ones, grab a seat, and get ready for the game which over 90 million people celebrate EVERY year!  Good Friends + Good Food [and drinks] = Great Game!



Happy Planning!
Natalie Imhoff, CWP
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