Monday, March 19, 2012

TBS Inspiration: Love Lettter & Wine Box

This past weekend we had the pleasure of working a wedding in Columbia for a beautiful couple. It was so apparent that their love was real, and they used every opportunity to share that enthusiasm and uniqucness of their relationship with their guests.

One thing in particular they did to customize their ceremony, was to write their own love letters to one another, and include a love letter, wine box ceremony. What this entailed, was both the Bride and Groom wrote a love letter to the other, and placed these love letters into a box, along with a bottle of wine. At the end they closed and sealed the box, only to open on their first anniversary.

It was such a beautiful touch and testimony to this couple, and we were thrilled to be apart of it!


Happy Planning!
Natalie Imhoff
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Events DEE-signed said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet idea. My bride is getting married at a winery, so I hope she likes this idea. I even suggested to her that they re-write and re-stock the letters & wine at each anniversary.

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