Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TBS Tip: Using Color

Every time I get on Pinterest or open a bridal magazine, I see weddings incorporating more than two colors. I absolutely love this idea. I think many brides are afraid that having three or four colors will become too overwhelming, and stick to the “traditional” one or two colors. However, I think if done correctly and in moderation, the use of multiple colors can be an excellent way to add even more personality to a wedding! The Emmaline Bride blog has tons of beautiful, risk-taking color themes for inspiration.


- Kaylan Ramella [2012 TBS Intern]

To ensure the colors you are choosing go together in a uniformed way, contact Natalie for color guide, or have The Bridal Solution create a style guide for your wedding. This is an comprehensive template that brings all of your ideas to the table, creating a look that is unique and true to you, but has that designers eye!

Happy Planning!
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